South-West Java is full of attractions, making it an ideal destination all year round. We’ve listed a few of the highlights below.

Explore the beaches

Cimaja itself is on a pebbly beach, great for surfing and fishing. A 10 minute walk (and short wade across the river!) brings you to Indicators and Sunset’s sandy beaches, with numerous beaches further afield including Sawarna and other hidden gems reachable within an hour by car, motorbike or boat!

Explore on two wheels

Visitors love to rent motorbikes and there is no better way to see the dramatic coastline or head up into the hills. From waterfalls to hot springs, bat caves to blow holes, just ask our staff to point you in the right direction.

For those more adventurous

Rafting, spear fishing and downhill biking are all available for the extreme sports enthusiasts.

Or choose your own seafood at the fish market in Pelabuhan Ratu and take a day trip to a traditional Sundanese village or national park!

Something for everyone

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